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      HLT Industry Co., Ltd.

      HLT Industry Co.. Ltd. Ja wholly-owned subsidiary of KEDA lndustrial Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600499), hereinafterreferred to as: HLT] is a private enterprise specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of automatichydraulic presses. t was established in 1957 and has been ore than 60 years history. t is a national high-tech enterprisea key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, a single champion enterprise in the national manufacturingindustry, a top 20 Chinese building materials machinery enterprise, a 50 backbone enterprise in the equipment manu.acturing industry of Guanadong Province, and a strategic emerging industry in Guangdong Province (lntelligent Manufacturing) Key Enterprise, China Patent Award and Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award Winning Enterprise
      The company successfully developed a 600-ton hydraulic automatic brick press in 1988 and won the National Scienceand Technology Progress Award. The ceramic tile press produced by HLT is the core and key equipment of ceramicmanufacturers. The overall technology is at the level of "domestic leading and international advanced". lt has won manynational and provincial (ministerial) awards, and is a single champion in the national manufacturing industry. famous.brand products in China's ceramic industry, famous-brand products in China's building materials machinery industrynational key new products,high-tech products in Guangdong Province, and famous-brand products in GuangdongProvince. The products cover the main ceramic production areas in China and are exported to more than 30 countriesand regions in Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas, are well-known internationally, and have occupied a leading positionin the global market share for 16 consecutive years.
      HLT has a provincial engineering technology research center and a provincial enterprise technology center. lt isresponsible for drafting the industry standards for ceramic tile automatic hvdraulic presses and permeable brickautomatic hydraulic presses, and is also a participating unit in drafting industry standards for refractory brick automatichydraulic presses. The company has focused on the development and manufacture of automatic hydraulic pressesfor more than 30 vears. At present, it has formed more than 50 specifications and models of ceramic presses, refractorbrick presses, aluminum extrusion presses, wall brick presses and other products ranging from 600 tons to 36,000tons. t has the ability to produce 700 units of various types of presses per year, and has strong R&D and productiorcapabilities. So far, HLT has been provided nearly 9,000 units of various automatic hydraulic presses to the customers
      In 2016, HLT began to enter the metal profile extrusion press equipment industry. After technical investigations, fullyunderstood various production processes.and careful research and development and manufacturing, it first successfully launched the YPL2000 aluminum extrusion press, and now has been successfully launched YPL1450, YPL2500.YPL2750、YPL3000、YPL3300、YPL3600,YPL4000,YPL4500、YPL5000、YPL5500YPL6000,YPL7500、YPL10000etc. the series of aluminum extrusion presses
      HLT has more than 60 years of equipment R&D and production technology precipitation and brand influence. Lookingforward to the future, HLT will work hand in hand with colleagues from all walks of life to actively participate in international market competition along with the national "One Belt One Road" development strategy, and contribute to thecontinued strengthening and expansion of China's machinery and equipment industry.

      • support hotline 0757-87336633

        address :廣東省佛山市三水中心科技工業區C區25號

        mail :hlm@hltpress.com

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