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      Showcasing China's "Aluminum Strength" | HLT Shines at the ALUEXPO 2023 – 8th International Aluminium Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair

      Release time:2023-10-21

      From October 12th to 14th, 2023, the ALUEXPO 2023 – 8th International Aluminium Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair (referred to as "ALUEXPO") grandly opened at the Istanbul International Convention and Exhibition Center in Turkey. HLT made its debut at the ALUEXPO, attracting the attention of exhibitors, suppliers, and professional visitors from China and the world with its high-quality and high-performance aluminum extrusion press products in Turkey.

      ALUEXPO is the largest and highest-level aluminum industry and technology exhibition in Turkey. It is a high-level industry gathering place prepared for manufacturers, traders, and researchers in the aluminum industry. It is understood that aluminum, as an important material in the industrial production chain, has seen steady growth in demand in Turkey in recent years. This undoubtedly provides a broader development space for exchanges and cooperation in different regions and brings new development opportunities for more aluminum industry enterprises.

      As a specialized manufacturer for aluminum extrusion press, HLT seized this opportunity. The HLT team made its debut at the exhibition, engaging in friendly exchanges with peers from the global aluminum industry supply chain. They showcased the results of HLT's dedicated research and innovation efforts, demonstrating the HLT's accumulated knowledge and innovative spirit to the world.

      During the exhibition, the HLT YPL series extrusion press machine, which combines multiple advantages such as stability, precision, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and intelligence, attracted aluminum material factories in emerging aluminum-producing countries like Turkey. Many overseas merchants showed keen interest in HLT aluminum extrusion press products and demonstrated corporate strength. A significant number of professional visitors expressed their desire to visit China to learn about HLT's enterprise and products.
      The aluminum industry in these countries mainly targets aluminum markets such as doors, windows, curtain walls, new energy vehicles, and solar photovoltaics in developed countries such as Europe and America. As developed countries increasingly demand imported aluminum products, these countries are accelerating the transformation and upgrading of their aluminum industry, stimulating a strong demand for new types of aluminum extrusion press products. It is believed that with the successful hosting of this ALUEXPO, an increasing number of aluminum profile enterprises will pay attention to the HLT aluminum extrusion press.

      The three-day exhibition has come to an end, but the excitement never fades. Through this ALUEXPO, HLT met many outstanding international enterprises in the aluminum processing industry and received many intentional orders from all over the world. More importantly, through this exhibition, HLT gained a clearer understanding of the development and market demand of the global aluminum industry, providing important references for HLT's future expansion into the global market.

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