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      HLT's Game-Changing Aluminum Extrusion Solutions Set to Conquer the Lucrative Hundred-Billion-Yuan New Energy Aluminum Market

      Release time:2023-09-27

      China's new energy industry is riding high on the wave of "carbon neutrality," solidifying its position as a global frontrunner. "Photovoltaic products, electric vehicles, and lithium-ion batteries" have become the dynamic trio epitomizing China's prowess in global trade. International estimates suggest that by 2023, China's solar panel production is set to capture a staggering three-quarters of global output. More than half of the world's electric vehicles will hit Chinese roads, while China will spearhead over 55% of the global surge in renewable energy capacity.

      Whether it's photovoltaic products, electric vehicles, or lithium-ion batteries, they all share a deep connection with "aluminum profiles." In the realm of photovoltaic products, aluminum profiles reign supreme as the go-to material for framing and support. In the world of electric vehicles, lightweight aluminum alloys take center stage, accounting for a significant 30-40% of the vehicle's weight, with aluminum profiles comprising 20% of that. These profiles play a crucial role in key structural components such as front and rear anti-collision beams, engine compartment beams, floor beams, door sills, front aprons, and side upper beams. Moreover, aluminum profiles transformed into aluminum alloy battery casings have become the prevailing solution for powering new energy vehicles worldwide.
      The new energy industry sets forth new demands for aluminum material performance, quality, production efficiency, and energy consumption, presenting a formidable challenge for aluminum profile enterprises. To tackle this challenge head-on, HLT Industry Co. Ltd. (HLT), a leading aluminum extrusion machine manufacturer, has homed in on the evolving needs of the new energy industry and introduced innovative solutions tailored specifically for Chinese aluminum profile enterprises.
      Focusing on Efficiency and Quality
      Empowering Enterprises in High-Volume Aluminum Frame Production
      The photovoltaic frame industry is currently a booming sector in the aluminum processing sector, with numerous aluminum profile companies vying for a slice of the pie. Although the entry barrier is not particularly high, achieving a stable and high-quality output is no walk in the park. On one hand, strict dimensional tolerances and surface requirements are crucial to ensure the photovoltaic panels' optimal power generation, conductivity, and durability. On the other hand, the rapidly growing global demand for frames necessitates increased production capacities, making it imperative for aluminum profile companies to ramp up their efficiency and production quality. Only those who can meet these challenges are poised to grab a larger share of this lucrative market.

      HLT YPL2000 single-action direct extrusion press is a primary model for photovoltaic frame production. It boasts a multitude of advantages, including exceptional stability, high-precision extrusion, and reduced non-extrusion time. Notably, it outshines traditional models by improving energy efficiency by around 30%. In practical production, it delivers remarkable enhancements in frame production efficiency and product quality.

      Moreover, HLT has raised the bar by incorporating the cutting-edge "one model, multiple products" technology into the YPL2000 model. This ingenious "4 out of 1" design solution provides an incredibly cost-effective and efficient approach to frame production.

      In addition, HLT's aluminum extrusion presses are equipped with state-of-the-art electrical control systems and components, as well as an intelligent management and operation system. This ensures they can effectively meet the high-volume, digital, and intelligent production requirements of aluminum profile companies.

      Currently, HLT's extrusion machines have made a significant impact in the Chinese market, with successful and efficient applications in major aluminum frame production companies such as CITIC Bohai Aluminum, Yonz Technology, and Jinko Power. The machines have garnered exceptional performance, with Yonz Technology's production base in Wuhu, Anhui, even placing an impressive order for 40 HLT YPL2000 aluminum extrusion presses.
      Better Quality, Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency
      Boosting Enterprises to Seize the First-Mover Advantage in the New Energy Vehicle Profile Market

      Components and power battery trays for new energy vehicles are subject to stringent quality requirements from passenger car manufacturers. The demand for profile quality and performance is even higher than that of other industrial profiles. Low yield rates and subpar performance have long plagued automotive parts manufacturers.

      With a range of models spanning from 1000T to 12500T, HLT YPL series extrusion presses feature a unique and stable frame structure that ensures uniform and minimal deformation during the extrusion process. The machines also feature a cutting-edge hydraulic control system, guaranteeing stable speeds under low-speed high-pressure conditions. Additionally, a suite of digital control and monitoring systems ensures the stability and controllability of production, providing crucial support in manufacturing top-notch products for automotive profile makers.
      Presently, HLT's YPL series extrusion presses have gained widespread adoption among domestic heavyweights in the automotive, automotive parts, and industrial profile manufacturing sectors. Mingtai Transportation New Materials, Asia Pacific Technology, JMA Aluminium, Alumi, Innovation Metal, Guangdong Hoshion Industrial Aluminium, and Changan Automobile are just a few of the well-known companies that rely on HLT's products. Moreover, the YPL series has received full recognition from major OEMs such as SAIC Motor, Changan Automobile, FAW Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, and BMW. HLT stays in lockstep with the trends of the automotive manufacturing industry, making valuable contributions to top-tier vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers.
      Despite the challenges and uncertainties posed by the downturn in the real estate industry and the global market demand slump, the demand for aluminum in new energy industries continues to grow. Analysts project that global aluminum frame consumption will reach 3.23 million tons, with a market value of 74.6 billion yuan by 2025. By 2027, the global market size for automotive aluminum profiles is expected to hit 33.82 billion yuan. These figures represent a remarkable breakthrough for aluminum profile companies, enabling them to defy the odds and accelerate high-quality development.

      With such promising market prospects, it is expected that an increasing number of enterprises will venture into the new energy aluminum industry, hopping aboard the high-speed development train. As an automatic hydraulic machine manufacturing enterprise with a rich 66-year history, HLT collaborates with its customers in the metal extrusion machine field, exploring more stable, efficient, and eco-friendly aluminum extrusion solutions for the new energy sector.

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