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      Exemplary Globalization Achievements of HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery: Accelerating Their Services in India

      Release time:2023-09-27

      In India, HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery has achieved remarkable success by leveraging an outstanding team comprising nearly 30 sales and Indian technical personnel. They have engaged in patient communication and careful guidance at project sites in various production areas, resulting in an acceleration of their services. This rapid growth has led to the localization of sales and services in India. Not only has the brand gained higher recognition in the Indian market, but it has also created greater value for its customers. With a better understanding of Indian culture, HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery has pragmatically worked towards improving product quality and machinery stability. Their efforts have made a significant contribution to the flourishing ceramic industry in this vast Indian market. 

      Recently, there was good news from two leading ceramic companies in India, Orient Bell Limited (referred to as OBL) and PECASA. Both project sites held unique ignition ceremonies in accordance with local traditional customs.

       Orient Bell Limited (OBL Group)

      Successful Ignited of Glazed Floor Tile Complete Production Line
      Established in 1977, OBL Group is currently one of India's largest ceramic tile manufacturers, with multiple factories and over 2000 distributors, producing an annual output of over 30 million square meters. As an international company with nearly 50 years of expertise in ceramic tile innovation and a focus on the high-end market, OBL Group has stringent requirements for its production machinery. HLT&DLT, with its commitment to meeting customer and market demands, consistently benchmarks technical standards and fosters innovation. This not only earns the trust of customers but also the machinery provided has set an example in the context of the industry's trend toward clean production, smart manufacturing, and high-quality development.

      On September 6, 2023, the high-end, digitally controlled glazed floor tile complete production line at the Dora Factory in Gujarat state, under the umbrella of OBL Group, was successfully launched. The ceremony was a magnificent spectacle, presided over by respected elders. They led a procession that included senior executives from OBL Group, employee representatives, the HLT&DLT team, and others. With devout blessings and joyful hearts, they ignited the sacred fire, offering their best wishes for the prosperity and success of OBL Group's business. This marks the second collaboration following HLT Industry's provision of two YP3009T automatic hydraulic presses for OBL Group's Hoskote factory in 2022.

      The machinery introduced in this complete production line from HLT&DLT includes 2 digital energy-saving 60T intermittent ball milling systems from HLT Technology, 1 YP5209T automatic hydraulic press from HLT Industry, a "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmark Smart Era" firing kiln from DLT Technology, and an EM series self-circulating seven-layer dryer. The main production specifications are high-quality glazed floor tiles with dimensions of 600x600mm and 600x1200mm, with a thickness of 9-12mm, and a design capacity of 10,500 square meters per day. After the commencement of production, it will significantly boost OBL Group's production capacity and quality. Not only in the ball milling for pulp preparation but also in shaping and thermal aspects, multiple patented technologies have been employed. The design adheres strictly to international environmental requirements and is customized to suit the Indian market. This approach aids companies in navigating industry cycles, ascending to new levels of capacity and quality, and seizing new heights in the market.
      PECASA Company

      Successful Ignited of Daily-Use Ceramic Complete Production Line

      Meanwhile, the renowned ceramic company dedicated to research, production, and sales of daily-use ceramics, PECASA, brings good news. The daily-use ceramic complete production line constructed by HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery has successfully achieved its one-time ignition! Throughout its history, PECASA company has been guided by market demand and customer-centric philosophy. Their diverse range of decorative daily-use ceramics has earned the favor of customers. In addition, under the internationalization strategy led by Chairman Mr. Peruma, who possesses extensive marketing experience, their products have not only been exported to high-end markets but have also established strong marketing relationships in both Chinese and international markets.

      The project incorporates a complete set of machinery from HLT Technology, including pulping, glazing systems, iron removal, screening, pressing, and kneading machinery. It also features a DLT Technology industrial "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmark Smart Era" daily-use ceramic roller kiln, automatic roller pressing forming production line, and automatic glazing production line, among other machinery. The production process follows a mature daily-use ceramic craftsmanship flow from raw materials to shaping, drying, bisque firing, glazing, glaze firing, decoration firing, inspection, packaging, and warehousing. It fully implements automation, intelligent control, and high-quality operations, enhancing the customer's production capabilities and product upgrades. This results in the creation of high-quality, diverse tableware products, with a daily output of 40,000 pieces.

      The multi-functional daily-use ceramic roller kiln customized for PECASA is designed for various ceramic firing processes such as bisque firing, glaze firing, and decoration firing. It is equipped with patented technologies developed by DLT, including the KHI kiln body comprehensive insulation system, PPC precise air-fuel ratio control system, DHR waste heat recovery system, and KPR energy-saving system. These innovations result in benefits such as minimal temperature differentials, high production capacity, and low energy consumption, providing robust support for energy efficiency, reduced consumption, and environmentally friendly production for the customer.

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