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      Innovation and Strength Rendered HLT Highly Impressive in Aluminium China 2023

      Release time:2023-08-04

      Recently, Aluminium China, an annual international event of the aluminium industry, was grandly held in Shanghai. As an important member of the aluminium industry in Guangdong, HLT participated in the event with many companies of the Foshan Nanhai Aluminium Profile Industry Association and the Guangdong (Nanhai) Aluminium Processing Industry Alliance. At the event, HLT's aluminium extrusion press attracted global attention for its high quality and performance.

      This year, the scale of Aluminium China is unprecedented. It attracted over 500 well-known aluminium companies from more than 60 countries and regions around the world. More than 400 customers from downstream application industries, such as automobiles, packaging, consumer electronics, and photovoltaics, came for a visit and procurement. More than 25,000 people in the aluminium industry visited the exhibition. Besides, the event also brought together a number of experts, heavyweights, and practitioners from the upstream and downstream of the aluminium industry. They showcased new materials and technologies as well as discussedon new ideas and trends in the industry, reflecting a gradual recovery.
      In Shanghai New International Expo Centre, apart from the aluminium flat rolling products in the N2 hall, HLT could also be seen at No. 2A01 in the machinery hall. An endless stream of merchants went to the two exhibition booths to visit and exchange ideas. Meanwhile, leaders of many associations in the industry, including Shanghai Aluminium Industry Association, Foshan Nanhai Aluminium Profile Industry Association, and Guangdong (Nanhai) Aluminium Processing Industry Alliance, visited HLT's booths and expressed their concerns. Companies from downstream application industries, such as automobiles, consumer electronics, and photovoltaics, came for a visit and in-depth exchanges.

      Among HLT's various mid-to-high-end aluminium extrusion products unveiled at the event, HTL YPL2000, a single action direct extrusion press captured the most attention. Standing out among HLT's aluminium extruders, it boasts high stability, accuracy, efficiency, and other advantages. It is also the first in the application of "one model, multiple products", a leading technology in the industry. So, it proves very suitable for profile production in currently-popular industries such as solar photovoltaics and automobile lightweight. Now the extruder has been used by many photovoltaic and aluminium profile giants in China, such as Yonz Technology and INNOVATION New Material Technology. With excellent performance, it has won great popularity from customers.

      The current aluminium consumer market faces a significant structural change from building aluminium to industrial aluminium. Facing new situations, opportunities, and demands, HLT believes that only with fine workmanship, excellent machinery, high-quality machine components, superb techniques, and the spirit of pursuing excellence, can they produce high-quality aluminium extruders. Only high-quality aluminium extruders can meet the ever-changing market demand.

      This year's Aluminium China, with an unprecedented scale, attracted legions of visitors. Regarding the new market demand and industry development pattern, HLT sincerely looks forward to communication and cooperation with friends from all sectors, as well as new and regular customers, for the high-quality development of the industry.

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