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      The Production Line with a Daily Output of 50,000m2 Has Been Launched in Central Asia | Zhongpeng International Ceramics (Uzbekistan) and HLT&DLT Have Embarked on New Strategic Cooperation!

      Release time:2023-08-04

      Recently, Zhongpeng International Ceramics (Uzbekistan) and HLT&DLT held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in Zibo City, Shandong Province. Wenhua RUAN, the chairman of Zhongpeng International Ceramics (Uzbekistan), and Huojin GUAN, the general manager of DLT Technology, signed the contract on behalf of their companies. Together, they launched an "Energy-Efficiency 4.0" cooperation project for high-end glazed tiles with large output and low energy consumption. This is their first step on the new journey of intelligent manufacturing.


      The Energy-Efficiency 4.0 Era of Intelligent Production Promotes Zhongpeng International into a New Business Model
      The project is invested and constructed by Shandong Dongba Trading Co., Ltd. in the Uzbekistan production base. According to the schedule, it will be put into industrial operation at the end of 2023. Meanwhile, the project has won strong support and great attention from the local government.
      The Uzbekistan production base is planned to be constructed in two phases. The first phase will introduce four YP4009 machines, HLT's best-selling model, and DLT's core thermal machinery, including an "Energy-Efficiency 4.0" high-end kiln and a DHD-EM high-efficiency self-circulation six-layer dryer. The production base mainly produces high-end rustic tiles and fully polished glazed tiles in sizes of 600×600mm, 800×800mm, 600×1200mm, and 750×1500mm, with a thickness of 9-12mm. The daily output is 50,000 square meters, and it is projected to reach 100,000 square meters per day after the completion of the second construction phase.

      With an optimized hydraulic system, the YP4009 automatic hydraulic press delivers enhanced overall performance, increased safety, and reliability. It meets the operational requirements of large production capacity, low loss, and high yield. With multiple patented technologies, YP4009 boasts the advantages of high flatness, high accuracy, and fast pressing speed. It is an eco-friendly machine subject to high standards and strict requirements and has been highly recognized by global customers.
      The kiln is equipped with the DDI4.0-A intelligent control system, enabling cloud computing and comprehensive management of the entire production line. It breaks through time and space constraints by remote monitoring of the production line and provides comprehensive insights into equipment operation status. DLT's patented technologies are applied according to Energy Efficiency Level 1, including the KPR energy-conserving combustion air system, EHI kiln insulation upgrade system, PPC combustion air ducts group control system, DHR-plus efficient-relay waste heat recovery system, and other systems of high configuration system . In addition, with the self-circulation six-layer dryer characterized by high efficiency, uniformity, speed, and energy savings, it maximizes energy efficiency and automation.  I n Uzbekistan , t This modern production line has the highest production capacity and intelligence automation in Uzbekistan. When put into production, it will fill the gap in the Central Asian high-end ceramic market, contributing to the economic development of Uzbekistan.
      "Focus" Builds High-End Products
      "Empowerment" Achieves Win-Win Outcomes
      Zhongpeng International Ceramics (Uzbekistan) and HLT&DLT will take the signing as an opportunity to fully leverage their respective strengths and build the largest ceramic production line in Central Asia with the highest output, lowest energy consumption, and the highest level of intelligence. Upon entering production, it will revolve around the transformation goal of "high-end industry, high-end products" to empower Zhongpeng International Ceramics (Uzbekistan) regarding quality and energy consumption. Through high-quality catch-up development, Zhongpeng International Ceramics (Uzbekistan) will boost the local ceramic industry and lead it toward high-end positioning. Meanwhile, the company will also align with the "Uzbekistan Development Model" advocated by the local government and provide more employment opportunities.

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