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      HLT's 40 Top-tier Aluminum Extrusion Press Series Serve as a Driving Force for Yonz Technology in its Pursuit of The Global New Energy Market

      Release time:2023-08-04

      In recent years, propelled by the rising demand in international markets and driven by China's strategy for carbon neutrality, the momentum of China's photovoltaic manufacturing industry has been remarkable. Data indicates that in 2022, the total output value of China's photovoltaic manufacturing industry exceeded RMB 1.4 trillion, with the annual export of photovoltaic products surpassing USD 51.2 billion. Under this impetus, a group of photovoltaic frame production enterprises, represented by Yonz Technology, has seized favorable opportunities for development. Gradually, they have grown into giants in the global production of photovoltaic frame components and have embarked on expanding their production scale, aiming to capture a significant share of the global smart energy market, often referred to as a “lucrative opportunity”.

      After nearly six months of intense production, recently, HLT has begun delivering 40 units of YPL2000 aluminum extrusion press series to Yonz Technology's production base in Wuhu, Anhui province. This endeavor will aid Yonz Technology in scaling up its production for photovoltaic frames and energy storage battery trays, thereby establishing a new pinnacle in the global new energy industry.

      Yonz Technology is a globally renowned manufacturer of aluminum alloy photovoltaic structural components. Its primary focus lies in the research, production, sales, and application of green energy structural materials. The company's flagship products include photovoltaic frame products, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), and distributed photovoltaic support structures.

      Yonz Technology is located in its production base in Wuhu, Anhui province. With a planned land area of 750 acres, once fully operational, it will establish a production line capable of annually producing 380,000 tons of photovoltaic frames, support structures, and energy storage battery trays using regenerated aluminum materials.

      The HLT YPL2000 single-action direct extrusion press possesses five key advantages: stability & reliability, high precision, efficiency, eco-friendliness and intelligence. It showcases industry-leading features such as minimal non-extrusion time and a "leak-proof" design, significantly reducing machine downtime and enhancing the overall efficiency of aluminum profile production. HLT has dedicated significant efforts to research and experimentation, leading the way in the industry by implementing the cutting-edge "one model, multiple products" technology on the YPL2000 model. The "4 out of 1" technology design enables stable production, effectively assisting photovoltaic frame enterprises in enhancing production efficiency and capacity, thereby gaining a greater advantage in the global new energy industry competition. It is worth mentioning that prior to Yonz Technology, the HLT YPL2000 has achieved stable and efficient application in several prominent Chinese photovoltaic frame factories, delivering outstanding product performance and earnng both favorable reputation and sales growth.

       In addition to the 40 units of HLT's YPL2000 extrusion press series ordered this time, Yonz Technology has also placed an order for 4 units of the same model to be used for the renovation and upgrading of its production line at the Chuzhou base.
      Under the impetus of the rapid development in the photovoltaic industry, aluminum for photovoltaic applications has become one of the most promising areas for aluminum's future growth in China. According to  the  analysis from relevant institutions, it is projected that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the compound annual growth rate of aluminum demand for photovoltaic purposes in China will reach 17%. By 2025, the demand for aluminum in the photovoltaic sector is expected to reach 2.55 million tons or even more.
      With the gradual deployment of HLT's aluminum extrusion press series, it is believed that the cooperation between both parties will be futhered and expanded, propelling Chinese photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises to a new level.


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