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      Successful Conclusion of HLT&DLT's Innovation Technology Empowering Indian Ceramic Development Sharing Event and 2023 Indian Customer Appreciation Dinner

      Release time:2023-07-15

      On June 20th, the sharing event of HLT&DLT's innovation technology empowering Indian ceramic development and 2023 Indian Customer Appreciation Dinner were successfully held in Foshan, Guangdong. The event was attended by nearly 200 customers from India, as well as distinguished guests such as Professor Yibing CHENG, Academician of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and strategic scientist of Foshan Xianhu Laboratory, and Dr. Hong YIN, Secretary-General of the Foshan Ceramics Industry Association.

      In his eloquent address, Mr. Xuexian YANG, the Managing Director of KEDA Industrial Group and the General Manager of Foshan HLT Industry Co., Ltd., conveyed that despite the limited opportunities for in-person meetings over the past three years, we have steadfastly engaged with our customers through online channels, attentively listening to their feedback and understanding their evolving needs. HLT&DLT has continuously striven for excellence by enhancing the integration of our comprehensive product line and services. We have diligently optimized product performance, fortified our management practices, and embarked on the establishment of a state-of-the-art, intelligent, and digitized factory. The year 2023 marks the auspicious 66th anniversary of HLT. The rejuvenated intelligent digitized factory, the high-tech exhibition hall, the exquisite new product Rollex press machine, the all-new ConTinuB series digital and energy-saving continuous ball mill, and the advanced zero-carbon combustion technology are all prime reflections of our steadfast adherence to HLT's 66-year legacy of excellence, steady progress, and relentless innovation. In his final appeal, he warmly invites everyone to step into the realm of HLT&DLT, offering valuable suggestions to propel us towards providing even more superior equipment and services, thus contributing to the advancement of the Indian ceramic industry.

      HLT&DLT's thriving growth has consistently garnered the attention and support of both domestic and international industry associations and customers. During his address, Mr. Haresh Bopaliya, Chairman of the Indian Ceramic Association Related to Wall Tiles, acknowledged that HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery has brought many highly advanced and intelligent ceramic machinery to India. Furthermore, he praised their aptitude for continuous learning and daring innovation, foreseeing a bright future for HLT&DLT's development.

      Simultaneously, Mr. Mukesh Kundaria, Chairman of the Indian Ceramic Society Related to Vitrified Tiles, and Mr. Jagdish Varmora, Chairman of the Sunheart Group, express their utmost gratitude for the gracious invitation from HLT&DLT, as well as their long-standing commitment to providing advanced technology and efficient services to India. They hope that we can join hands and progress together.

      Dr. Hong YIN, Secretary-General of the Foshan Ceramics Industry Association, delivered a speech titled "The Path of Development for Indian Ceramics in the Post-pandemic Era", wherein he eloquently presented a thorough analysis of the comparative development of the ceramic tile industries in China and India, using data as his persuasive tool. He provided a visionary outlook on the global ceramic landscape and the current state and future prospects of the Indian ceramic industry. Dr. Hong YIN delved deep into the profound impact that technology and design have on product development, while expressing profound optimism for the Indian ceramic industry.

      Subsequently, Mr. Kaiyang TAN, General Manager of HLT&DLT's Indian Sales Division, Mr. Junliang WU, Marketing Director of HLT&DLT , and Mr. Huojin GUAN, General Manager of DLT, respectively showcased the key offerings to Indian customers, including the Rollex and YP5200 press machines, the hundred-ton ball mill, the ConTinuB continuous ball mill, as well as innovative kiln technologies.

      Lastly, esteemed guest, Professor Yibing CHENG, Academician of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and strategic scientist of Foshan Xianhu Laboratory, presented on the topic of "The Application of Zero-Carbon Ammonia Fuel in the Ceramic Manufacturing Industry". He introduced the collaborative efforts between Xianhu Laboratory project team, DLT Technology, and Oceano Ceramics in the development of the "Hydrogen-Ammonia Fusion Zero Carbon Combustion Technology". Professor CHENG elaborated on the process and underlying technological principles involved in the production of the world's first zero-carbon ammonia-fueled ceramic tiles.

      On the following day, the Chairman of the Indian Ceramic Society, accompanied by over a hundred Indian friends, visited HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery's digital intelligent exhibition hall, bearing witness to the company's achievements in intelligent and digitized technologies. After a series of engaging interactions, the Indian visitors unanimously praised the quality and charm of HLT&DLT's offerings. They expressed gratitude towards advanced intelligent equipment companies like HLT&DLT and displayed unwavering confidence in the future development of the Indian ceramic industry. Embracing the new trends, new developments, and new aspirations, HLT&DLT joins hands with the rest of the world, acting as a bridge and a pivotal hub, to collectively paint a magnificent and vibrant future of growth.

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