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      Double Happiness Unfolds, Embarking on a New Journey - HLT Phase III Project Completion and HLT's 66th Anniversary Celebration!

      Release time:2023-07-15

      On June 28, the completion and commencement ceremony of the HLT Phase III project, as well as the 66th anniversary celebration of HLT, were grandly held in the plant of the HLT Phase III project.

      Distinguished guests in attendance included Mr. Xuezhu PAN, Director of the Aluminum Processing Committee of the Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Association; Mr. Yuntang LIU, President of the Foshan Sanshui District Aluminum Processing Industry Association; Mr. Ziqiang MAI, Secretary-General of the Foshan Sanshui District Aluminum Processing Industry Association; Mr. Ruibin CAO, Guangdong JMA Aluminium Profile Factory(Group)Co.,Ltd.; Mr. Pramod Varmora, Chairman of Varmora Group in India; Mr. Kirit Kumar, General Manager of Saans Group in India; Mr. Cheng BIAN, Chairman of KEDA Industrial Group; Mr. Tongcan LIANG, Chairman of Guangdong Hongyu Group; Mr. Xuexian YANG, Managing Director of KEDA Industrial Group and General Manager of Foshan HLT Industry Co., Ltd.; Mr. Dengping TAN, Senior Consultant of KEDA Industrial Group and Director of the Lithium-ion Battery Machinery Research Institute; Mr. Yuejin LI and Mr. Peng ZHOU, Vice Presidents of KEDA Industrial Group; the management team of HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery, construction representatives of HLT Phase III, supplier representatives, media representatives, and all employees of HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery, totaling more than 1,000 people. Together, they witnessed the completion and production of the HLT Phase III project and celebrated the achievements and glory of HLT's 66 years of development.

      Amidst a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere, General Manager YANG took the stage to deliver a speech, expressing sincere gratitude to the distinguished leaders and guests in attendance for their presence at this momentous occasion. He looked back on HLT's journey of development, highlighting how the company consistently seized opportunities, pursued innovation, and fostered solid foundations for HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery's comprehensive growth. With a vision of becoming a "century-old enterprise", HLT is dedicated to being a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of aluminum-profile extrusion machines and a comprehensive service provider in the ceramics industry. Furthermore, Mr. YANG expressed gratitude to all the dedicated employees of HLT&DLT Ceramics Machinery for their unwavering loyalty and hard work throughout the company's journey.

      Subsequently, Mr. Xuezhu PAN, Director of the Aluminum Processing Committee of the Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Association; Mr. Pramod Varmora, Chairman of Varmora Group in India; and Mr. Cheng BIAN, Chairman of KEDA Industrial Group, delivered speeches brimming with enthusiasm. They conveyed their congratulations and support to HLT while expressing great anticipation for its future development.

      In his address, Chairman Cheng BIAN emphasized that the key to HLT's ability to maintain a strong growth trajectory even in its 66th year of development lies in grasping the concept of "change and constancy". The constancy lies in the fact that 50% of the employees have remained with HLT since their joining, along with the unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products as part of the company's spirit and culture. The change is evident in the transformation from a small hardware machinery factory to a globally renowned supplier of ceramic machinery, expanding into other domains such as aluminum-profile extrusion machines and refractory material presses. This harmonious balance of "change and constancy" has led to HLT's current brilliance and will propel it to become a rare centennial enterprise in the future.

      As the auspicious moment drew near, the esteemed guests of honor ascended the stage, joining together to witness the grand commencement. Extending our hands, we touch the past, standing side by side; pressing the button, we unite our efforts, embracing the future. With the magnificent 5-second countdown on the large screen, the inauguration ceremony for the completion and commencement of HLT's Phase III project officially commenced. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, resounding with the sounds of drums and jubilant voices, elevating this occasion to its climax. The inauguration ceremony achieved a resounding success.

      During the luncheon, under the leadership of Chairman Cheng BIAN, the entire executive team of the company ascended the stage. Together with the distinguished guests and colleagues present, they raised their glasses in a toast, offering their collective blessings for HLT's journey towards an even more glorious future. The clinking of glasses reverberated throughout the venue, as if playing the harmonious notes of a promising symphony for the times ahead.

      The HLT Phase III project spans an area of 105 acres. It successfully obtained the use rights of the land by land tendering, auction, or listing procedures just before the eve of the National Day holiday in 2021. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on March 23, 2022. The project primarily consists of three main components: Plant A, Plant B, and a comprehensive building, with a total construction area of 65,000 square meters. Operated by Foshan HLT Technology Co., Ltd., the project is strategically positioned to establish a domestic high-end and internationally advanced production base for high-end equipment. Its focus lies in the research, development, and manufacturing of high-end aluminum-profile extrusion machines and intelligent ceramic raw material integrated machinery. The objective is to build a digital and intelligent machinery manufacturing benchmark factory, realizing end-to-end digital management throughout the full life cycle, from order placement, research and development, production, and manufacturing to product delivery. As a key project in the Sanshui District, the HLT Phase III project represents another significant measure in HLT's development strategy of "series production of ceramics machinery and diversification of press machines". It aims to provide global customers with efficient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly extrusion machines, as well as comprehensive solutions for the production and manufacturing of architectural ceramics.

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