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      With excellent equipment as the medium, LT and GANI have worked together for 20 years!

      Release time:2022-07-27

      Guangdong GANI (Group) Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, focusing on the research and development, design, production, sales and service of high-performance green ceramics (high-end marble tiles), is the pioneer and leader of marble tiles. Qingyuan GANYI is the national green manufacturing demonstration enterprise, the industry recognized innovation and development, high-quality development and green production model, positioning high-end marble tile first brand.

      With excellent equipment as the medium, HLT as the core force of GANI Group to build a sustainable competitive supply chain, inherits the consistent ingenuity and wisdom, gives back to gANI group with high standard, high quality and cost-effective products, and by virtue of superior product quality and efficient service, has made progress together with GANI Group in the past 20 years.



      The two sides have cooperated closely with nearly 20 press machines, especially the models led by the innovative YP90 series, which is oriented by intelligent development. It not only helps GANI group to build forward-looking automatic production lines, but also further promotes green manufacturing and greatly enhances brand influence while opening up a new path of market transformation and upgrading.


      In addition, In 2022, DLT customized a set of industrial "4.0 Energy Efficiency Benchmark Number Intelligence era" high-luxury and high-quality kiln combination for GANI Group, thus providing a source of power for enterprises to open a broader market space.


      As a good strategic partnership, not only fully meet the practical needs of partners, can assign to the industry, accelerate the application of new technology, new equipment, new materials and development, and strive to open up new era of innovation transformation, but also stand on a higher starting point, provide industry with advanced intelligent equipment platform for the whole supply line.

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