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      HLT medium and large tonnage aluminum extrusion presses have been successfully put into production!

      Release time:2022-05-31

      In August 2020, HLT's first YPL2000 rear-loading short-stroke prestressing rapid aluminum extrusion press successfully got the acceptance by Guangdong JMA Aluminum Profile Factory (Group) Co., Ltd.. It marks that HLT has taken a solid step towards the aluminum profile industry on the road of press diversification. Since then, YPL6000, YPL5000, YPL4000, YPL3600, YPL3300, YPL3000, YPL2750, YPL2500, YPL1450 and other model of aluminum extrusion presses have been launched successively, and they have also settled in well-known aluminum extrusion enterprises in Jiangxi, Fujian, Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei and other places.

      Good news has been spread again recently. The medium and large extrusion press YPL6000 ordered by JMA and YPL4000 ordered by Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd have been put into production one after another.

      JMA and HLT signed an order of total two units YPL6000. The first one had been into production in November 2021. It mainly produces automotive structural parts in industrial profiles, as well as large formwork and large curtain walls. After the adjustment and optimization of various parameters in the process of use, the dead cycle time finally reached the domestic leading 27s. At present, it continues to operate with stable working conditions, efficient production capacity and outstanding energy-saving effect. The second YPL6000 is also being installed and commissioned and is expected to be put into normal use in June.

      The YPL4000 ordered by Zhengzhou Mingtai, after the equipment arrived in late April this year, through the joint efforts of HLT and Mingtai team, it only took 11 days from the truck unloading, installation, power-on debugging, to extruding the first billet. After another week of joint debugging of the whole line, adjustment of every detail of the press, optimization of parameter details, it has been put into continuous and stable production, mainly producing automobile profiles. The dead cycle time of YPL4000 to produce 1200mm aluminum billets has reached an industry-leading 17.7s, which not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures the quality stability of extruded profiles. During the period of industrial operation and use of the equipment, Mingtai has fully affirmed and evaluated whether it is the stability and reliability of the product, the applicability of the product process or the professional level of the installation and commissioning team.

      As a winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, China Patent Award, Guangdong Science and Technology Award, Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award, and the only national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise in the industry, HLT originated in 1957 and has been for 65 years development history, relying on the ingenuity spirit of "grinding a sword in ten years", focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of presses for more than 30 years, always adhering to the corporate philosophy of pursuing excellence and creating the first, this time, the medium and large aluminum extrusion press YPL4000 , YPL6000 have been put into production successfully one after another, and the subsequent launch of larger tonnage extrusion press such as YPL7500 and YPL10000 will create higher value for customers in all aspects and dimensions, and grow and develop together with our customers.

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