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      The 2020 President's Working Conference of China Refractory Industry Association was successfully held and visited HLT for guidance

      Release time:2020-12-30

      On December 18th, the 2020 President'sWorking Conference of China Refractory Industry Association was held in FoshanNanhai Fontaine Egret Hotel. This meeting was hosted by China RefractoryIndustry Association and undertaken by HLT. More than 50 people, including thepresident, vice president, secretariat and representatives of variousprovincial and municipal associations, Through offline discussions, in-depthdiscussions were conducted on the theme of "industry development situationand association work suggestions".

      China Refractory Industry Association 2020 President's Working Conference

      On the morning of the 18th, Mr. ZhaoJizeng, President of China Refractory Industry Association, delivered anopening speech. The situation and the overall advantages of HLT refractorybrick series presses: the quality of the whole machine is stable and reliable,and the failure rate is low; the product has wide applicability; the optimizedvolumetric distribution technology is adopted, and the product weight deviationis small; the control algorithm of the patented technology is adopted, Theproduct size control precision is good, the yield is high; the precise controlof the two-way pressurization ensures uniform bulk density; the automation andintelligence are high; safety, environmental protection and energy saving;auxiliary equipment is complete. In 2011, HLT began to implement thedevelopment strategy of "press diversification" and entered the fieldof refractory brick hydraulic presses. After technical research and fullunderstanding of the pressing production process of various refractory bricks, HLTsuccessfully launched the YPR2500 refractory brick automatic hydraulic press,which has been successfully launched. The YPR3600, YPR2000, YPR1800L, YPR1600,YPR1250, YPR1300L, YPR1250G series of refractory brick automatic hydraulicpresses. In addition to the favor of domestic customers such as Haicheng HouyingGroup, HLT refractory presses are also exported to European and Americanmarkets such as the United States, Russia and Italy, achieving a historicbreakthrough in domestic similar equipment. As a national manufacturing singlechampion demonstration enterprise, the refractory brick automatic hydraulicpress produced by HLT provides a strong support for the equipment upgrade andrapid development of the refractory industry.

      Qin Jie, general manager of the new press division of the company

      After the meeting, a number ofassociations, company leaders, experts, professors and members visited HLTtogether. Accompanied by the general manager of Guangdong Keda ManufacturingCo., Ltd., Mr. Yang Xuexian, general manager of HLT and Mr. Qin Jie, generalmanager of the New Press Division, President Zhao and his party visited thecompany's assembly workshop, and visited the company's assembly workshop andfocused on the refractory brick press in the workshop. Then visited themachining workshop, the R&D building and the 1600×3600 (mm) slate pressedby the HLT HT36000 super-large-size ceramic slab intelligent press.

        At the subsequent symposium, Mr. Yang Xuexian, general manager of Foshan Henglitai Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced in detail the development history of Henglitai in the past 60 years, as well as the continuous exploration and innovative achievements in the domestic ceramic machine industry. Thailand's transformation and upgrading in recent years, the products sold in the whole line, etc., and focused on introducing the development process of Henglitai refractory press and its application in the client to President Zhao and his party, hoping that the guests have confidence in the domestic refractory brick press. , have confidence in Henglitai refractory press. During the period, the delegates and Henglitai staff had a full exchange on the refractory brick press issues they were interested in. In the end, Chairman Zhao said: Innovation-driven, green development, and intelligent manufacturing are the main themes of the development of the refractory industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Green development and intelligent manufacturing require Henglitai, a company specializing in equipment manufacturing and a long history, to help the transformation and upgrading of the industry. At the same time, he fully affirmed Henglitai's products and joined several other company leaders. expressed willingness to cooperate. Since Henglitai entered the field of refractory brick hydraulic press in 2011, Henglitai has accumulated many years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, and the technology is constantly being updated and improved. Henglitai will serve the majority of users with cost-effective products and serve the Chinese refractory industry. Contribute to the development of China and promote China's manufacturing industry to a new level.

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